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Floataway offers a number of services to help set up your float business. We have developed a number of programs based on our 20 years of service to the float industry in more than 50 countries around the world in addition to our extensive expertise in helping our clients run successful float businesses.

We can offer you marketing, hiring, retail, pricing, management and pool/room maintenance strategies, coaching and training consultations.

Become a Center of Excellence and you will receive 12% off of all consultations, trainings and services.

Our programs include:


One-on-one consultations with either:

Float CenterDebra WorthingtonDeb Worthington, who is the owner of H2Oasis Float Center and Tea House in Tulsa, OK and CEO of Floataway USA. Deb has 13 years of marketing and research experience and a MS in psychology. She opened her hugely successful 4 float-tank business in August 2016 and achieved an amazing turnover after only one year of operation. She is happy to share her extensive operational and marketing expertise with you.

Float Center GiniGini Stanwell-Smith, who is Managing Director of Floataway and has been working around the globe for the past 19 years helping over 300 float centers on 6 continents to open their float businesses. Gini’s expertise is on all aspects of preparing your building for a float center, prior to actually opening.

We can tailor the training and information you need for your specific business from the following subjects, but not limited to:

  • Float center design suggestions
  • Concepting and business planning
  • Pre-opening marketing
  • Retail opportunities and suggestions/connections
  • Signage and web content
  • Hiring and training staff
  • Setting up your internal structure and policies
  • Water quality and measurements
  • Anxiety/claustrophobia training and intake processes
  • Forms and documents needed to run your center
  • Pricing, packages and memberships
  • How to incorporate a Tea House into your center – Tea House set-up
  • Overall process evaluation from check-in to check-out with recommendations
  • Putting together presentations for local groups or specific segments on floating (PowerPoint)
  • Booking software set-up and/or refinement (Float Helm only) Alternative modalities/classes and workshops in your center
  • Complimentary services such as massage
  • Soft opening and grand opening plan
  • Post-opening marketing
  • Talking to your local press
  • Social networking strategy
  • Accessories, tools and supplies needed
  • In-depth use of Floataway’s products
  • Promotion/art/ad evaluation and suggestions
  • Measurements for success, including: customer satisfaction surveys, exit interviews, focus groups and more

Hourly rate via SKYPE, phone or FaceTime: $65


On-Site Training (we travel to your center). Prices start at $490 per day plus all travel expenses (travel time booked at $25/hour)
From one day to several weeks on site training available and custom tailored based on your needs. Choose list of topics from the list above.


2-day on site apprenticeship at H2Oasis Float Center and Tea House

  • Mondays thru Fridays: $  990 for both days (8 hours minimum each day)
  • Saturdays and Sundays: $1490 for both days (8 hours minimum each day)

(Additional people $490.00 each. These prices includes lunch and dinner but do not include lodging or travel).

Please note: we only receive people from one business at a time with a maximum of 4 participants the same day(s).

This program prepares you for what it’s like to work in a float center and covers everything from opening to closing.

Day 1: You start the day with a float in one of our Floataway pools. Then, you perform and shadow all functions of a working float center including:

  • All opening procedures, checklists and measurements to open the pools and pool rooms for the day
  • Greeting and checking in guests
  • Using the Floataway control system
  • Anxiety and claustrophobia training as well as intro to research being conducted at Laureate Institute for Brain Research (LIBR) and what it means for you
  • Issues that arise with the float process (mechanical to personal), music, etc.
  • Room transitions (turning a room quickly and thoroughly)
  • Guest check-outs
  • Laundry
  • Supplies
  • Water quality measurements and tools
  • Pool operator information (the basics for any manufactures’ products or in-depth information for Floataway products)
  • Adding salt and using the hydrometer
  • During lunch, you’ll be given a one-hour float presentation given to groups and organizations to educate on all aspects of floating
  • During dinner, you’ll get a chance to ask questions and talk about any aspects of floating or business you want to discuss

Day 2: You start the second day opening the pools and rooms with a member of our staff. Then continuing to deepen what you learned the first day and continuing to refine those skills as well as:

  • Deep cleaning the pools and sanitation
  • Changing the filters
  • Deep cleaning the rooms
  • Upselling and memberships
  • Gift certificates
  • Add-on services if applicable to your business (oxygen, retail, massage, alternative modalities, etc.)
  • All closing procedures, checklists and measurements to close the pools and room for the night
  • Lunchtime for questions and consultation
  • Final float at the end of the night

Optional ½ day add-on is $499:

Marketing: Consultative and tailored to your specific business. From setting up your pricing structure, packages and memberships to putting together a plan for pre-opening, opening or post-opening marketing to support your center and meet your growth needs. Includes FB best practices and boosting, Float Ambassadors, building your newsletter list, press releases, making key contacts (PR), getting local persons of influence to float, using trade/barter and more. Successful ideas and promotions shared along with artwork/promotions from H2Oasis Float Center and Tea House.

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