Couples / Doubles Floats

The Benefits of Couples or Double Floating

Floataway pioneered couple floating in 2004 following a conversation with a spa owner who told us that all his clients wererequesting activities which couples could do together.

Couples Floating 5We began manufacturing a range of products which could accommodate couples: Cabin for Two, Floataround, Open Float Pool for Two, Open Floataround and the Serenity Float Pool (the Serenity is our largest, at 10-foot diameter, and could float more than just two).

Over the past few years we have been surprised to see how many first-time floaters, especially women, actually prefer to have their first float experience with their partner or a friend.

We’ve had numerous couples, sisters, friends, mothers or fathers with a child, adults with their elderly parents who have floated

Couples Floating 3

together and, more recently, physiotherapists wanting to work on their patients in the float pool. Our Open Pools areespecially well-equipped for these innovative “in-water” therapies.

From our own experience and from reports from our clients around the world who offer a couple floating, up to 55% of all first-time floaters may come as couples. Many of these people then decide to float on their own, but many regular floaters actually prefer to come as couples, enjoying a quiet time with a loved one.

For those who suffer from anxiety, floating first with a partner or friend can help them acclimate to the uniquSide By Side Floatinge pool experience with success, enabling them to return when they are ready to float solo.

Some older customers will feel safer in such a new environment floating with their partner or friend.



Mom And Daughter In Open Float 2Of course, in many of our pools, you can book doubles/couples or singles. One advantage of having pools that can accommodate two people is that you can charge up to 50% more for a couple float session than for an individual float session. Many centers do great gift card business for double/couples floating for anniversaries, wedding showers, and more.

If you are planning on a multiple float pool center, then it is also possible to have a mix of products for single floating and double/couple floating, if you wish, which would satisfy both types of floater.

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