How popular is floating?

Floating is still very much a niche market product but the benefits are so numerous, they will enhance any business. And being the first to offer floating in your city or area will give you an edge over your competitors. New centers are opening weekly throughout the US and North America.

Why should I consider adding floating as an option for my customers?

Offering floating will enable your clients to reach a deep state of relaxation in the shortest possible time. Floating has been academically shown to dramatically reduce pain and stress.   Your clients will experience a blissfully peaceful sensation and will become your ambassadors as they spontaneously tell all their friends, and research shows excellent results for anxiety and sports recovery.

Will floating help me to establish a unique buying proposition against my competitors?

Yes, by offering floating to your clientele, you will be setting yourself apart from your competitors and your clients will know that you are moving with the times by providing the latest innovation in the world of wellness.

Why should I choose Floataway?

By choosing a Floataway product you are purchasing from the world leader in floatation systems because we are a design and technology led company responding to our customers’ requirements. Our in-house engineers have combined experience of over 60 years in new product development. Over the past 19 years, we have exported our float systems to 6 continents in over 45 countries.

Why is Floataway unique?

Floataway is the only manufacturer offering a range of 10 products to suit everyone’s needs. We pioneered couple floating a number of years ago in response to spa owners’ desire to offer something couples could experience together. Today, couple/double floating is the fastest growing part of our business and enables our clients to charge a premium price not only for couples but for parents with young children or people with elderly parents who can’t float by themselves.

Why do you make 11 products when your many of your competitors only make one or two?

Because float customers are not all the same! We have invested in such a large range directly because of our customers’ requirements. Most new customers like to come as couples. However, many will then choose to float alone when they become regular floaters.  We have found that for commercial purposes the combination of one cabin and one pod works well. If you only have room for one float pool, we generally recommend our spacious Cabin for Two. Space is usually at a premium, but if you have a large room, then our Floataround or Serenity Pool are truly luxurious! All our float pools are carefully made by hand by highly skilled craftsmen to specific customer orders.

I am worried about the disinfection requirements in my state – can Floataway advise me?

Over the years There have been Several successful disinfection regimes used in flotation tanks. In early years chlorine and bromine were used and there are still states that insist on chlorine, for example Florida does. More recently many states have been happy to use hydrogen peroxide with UV. Some states are starting to ask for powerful UV with OZone And the current CDC national recommendations, not yet taken up by many states, asks for UV with an additional sensor to check that the UV is being produced.

Of course there are pros and cons with this variety but they do all work, The most important factor will be what your regulator locally asks for. We, at Floataway, like the hydrogen- peroxide- with -UV option, And we do not like ozone Because it causes too much Ozone in the air. However we give an undertaking that any future changes in the required disinfection for float systems can be accommodated by a simple upgrade to our technical equipment. The most onerous possible future upgrade will be when any state adopts the CDC recommendations, requiring a more powerful UV filter and by the time that happens we are confident it will not be too expensive to do because those regulations will apply to all existing float centres in those states. To our knowledge there has never been a cross infection incident in any float tank anywhere in the world but we must not be complacent.

Do I need special power to continuously heat a float pool?

No. All our products are heated continuously and silently by specially designed panels placed under the pools which enable very long float sessions (some manufacturers heat the salt solution externally which limits the length of the float session).

What do I need to consider about the installation?

We work hand-in-hand with designers, architects and owners to advise them, free of charge, on how to prepare the float room ahead of installation. Our range-of-products is modular so that they can be carried through any standard doors, corridors and staircases. They are easy to assemble and can be moved without difficulty if you wish to relocate them. We request that you send us your floor plans so that we can advise you of the best position to place your pool in the float room and where to place the electrical supply and the shower, etc. If you have an open plan space, we can help with design the space for you, also free of charge. We will send you a very detailed document detailing every aspect of the design of the room the float pool will be located in.

How much space do I need as a minimum?

Depending on which product you choose, we recommend a minimum room size which you will find in the technical information we provide for each product ahead of purchase. We also are capable of designing a very small pool to fit the room you have, if required.  If you have extra room, then always go with a larger room than the strict minimum required, as the float pools in themselves are such lovely things to look at! So bigger is always better!

I am very tall – will I fit into your pools?

Even our smallest product, the Tranquility, measures internally 7’4” x 4’10” at the float line. Our Cabins for Two measure internally 7′ 8” x 5′ 4”, our Floataround has an internal diameter of 7’8” and our Serenity Pool, a full 9-feet internal diameter, at the float line, enabling even the tallest people to float without any problem.

Do I have any choice of colors?

Our entire product range can be supplied in a wide range of over 80 colors. We can match a wide range of colors you choose for our Tranquility pod. For our Cabins and Floatarounds, we have a choice of 15 colors. We provide you with PDF color charts to help you make your choice. For our Open Float Pools, we advise that you choose white as this wears best over time.

What do I get with my float pool?

We supply everything you need to operate a float pool commercially or indeed at home, with the exception of your disinfectant which you must purchase locally. We have an accessories list detailing every item which comes with our pools which is sent with every enquiry.

Can you ship to my location directly?

We have been shipping our products to the USA and around the world for the past 18 years. We just need your complete installation address to give you a precise quotation for shipping to your door.

What is the lead time from reception of my order?

We work on a first come, first served basis. We require a 50% deposit when you place your order and the remainder 15 days before shipping. Our usual lead-time is between 12 and 18 weeks depending on our current level of sales. Once we have received your order, we will give you a firm delivery date.

Do you hold stock of your range of products?

Because we offer such a wide range of colors and options, we do not hold stock. Once we have received an order, each product is tailor-made to suit your needs.

What kind of warranty and after sales service do you offer?

We offer a 3-year warranty on all parts with the exception of the pump which can be destroyed within a few weeks of installation if you do not add water regularly!  (The water evaporates and the salt can re-crystalize if the water level is allowed to drop significantly.)  However, when correctly operated, the pump will run well for many years.

If a part fails we usually can ship a replacement part the same day with overnight delivery. Our warranty does not cover labor costs.  You must hire a local electrician or plumber, depending on the job.

How often should I have my float pool serviced?

All electrical equipment should be tested from time to time for electrical safety which can be done by a local electrician.

If you would like to take out a service contract with us, we will come to service your float pool once a year on the anniversary of installation. This costs approximately 1/10th the price of the float pool (plus travel expenses) and can be paid by standing order in 12 monthly installments. However, most of our clients simply wait until a part needs replacing which we will ship as quickly as possible, usually overnight.

After around 5-7 years, small parts such as the air buttons, the skimmer, the pre-filter, hoses and light bulbs will need to be replaced, but our large components, such as heaters, the pump, the filter housing and control box should work for many years, if looked after as we describe in our Operator’s Manual.  We have float pools which we installed in the early 2000s which are still using their original parts so we know that a 18 year life span is possible.

Do you have your own factory which I can visit?

We do have our own factory located in Jenks, just outside of Tulsa, OK. However, our insurance company and health and safety regulations no longer allow us to offer potential clients to visit our factory, but you can visit us in other locations such as in our Centers of Excellence in float centers across the country.

In addition, Floataway’s head office is based in H2Oasis Float Center and Tea House in Tulsa, OK, owned and operated by Debra Worthington, who is Floataway USA’s CEO. H2Oasis is not only our premier Center of Excellence but also our showroom with 3 of our products. If you would like to visit H2Oasis, please contact Deb at debra@floataway.com.

Do you offer lease finance?

Yes. While there are many companies offering lease finance in the USA, we can recommend Infinity Leasing, which has been working with the float industry for a while now. Please contact Kyle Walker to see if it is a good fit for you. Here are his details:

Infinity Leasing
929 Colorado Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90401
office 310.915.7430 x-321 
nfinity Leasing Credit Application: 

If I want to place an order, what is my next step?

Send us an email to info@floatawayusa.com letting us know which product or products you wish to purchase along with any optional extras you would like to order and delivery address and we will send you a pro-forma invoice giving you payment information. After reception of your 50% deposit, we slot you into our production schedule and give you the target shipping date. The delivery date will depend on where you are located in the world.

Do you install your products or can I do it myself?

All our products can be self-installed by a technically qualified person such as an electrician using our detailed Installation Manual. We do offer installation at an additional cost. If you choose to self-install, if you are not technical qualified yourself, you will need to hire someone who is. We are happy to discuss all aspects of installation with your appointed person before he or she begins the installation to be sure they are competent. Our Tranquility pods and Open Float Pools only take a few hours to assemble, whereas our Floataround pools take up to 3 days.

What if my building is not ready when you’re supposed to come to install?

This happens all the time! We are happy to push back the installation date at no extra cost as long as we have not yet booked our flights. We cannot install into an unfinished building. Our technical info provided with each product will give you all the details on preparing the room for the float product you have chosen.

How does your filtration system work?

A float pool is unlike normal water because almost everything floats on the surface of the water. Therefore, our system uses surface skimming to draw the floating debris into a powerful magnetic drive pump which pushes the water through a filter which catches virtually all the particles. Our system also draws some water from the bottom of the pool because dense salty water accumulates there and needs to be mixed regularly. In this way, the filtration system removes debris, but pathogens such as bacteria and viruses are destroyed by the disinfectant. There is some confusion about how much of the total water passes through the filter each time the pump runs. There is an optimum flow-rate which is neither very slow nor very fast for cleaning the water. It may be counter-intuitive, but high speed pumping causes vortices in the water which are stable meaning that the water in them will not reach the suction ports. Our method of surface skimming produces sparkling clean water thanks to the fact that the pump runs for 20 minutes after each float session and then mixes and “polishes” the water regularly while the float pool is not being used.

Does the water need to be refreshed after every use?

The salt solution is cleaned after every use, but because of the extremely high concentration of salt in all float pools – 50% of the solution is salt – and the rather high cost of the Epsom salt itself, it would not be economically viable to throw away the salt solution after each use or even every few weeks. However, because the water evaporates – more in open pools – fresh water needs to be added daily to keep the water level correct. In this way, the entire body of water is changed every few months. The salt does not evaporate, only the water.

We have created a “total transfer system” for clients, especially in Germany, where certain regulators like to see all the water emptied into a storage tank after each use or at the end of each day. We can, of course, offer this to any client who requires it. The type of system and the price we offer will depend on the location of the holding tank and any special requirements needed. Please contact us if this is of interest to you.

Why is your filter cartridge smaller than some other manufacturers?

Some of our competitors use really massive and very costly filters. They only change them once or twice a year due to the high cost of each filter. This means that body oils, skin flakes and hairs build up in the filter month after month and more and more disinfectant is needed to continuously clean the biological load in the filter. We purposely chose to use a small and inexpensive filter which we advise changing every 30 float sessions so as to avoid needing to use large quantities of disinfectant. The filter cartridges we use are certified to NSF42 which is a drinking water standard.

Are your float pools sound proof?

No float pools are really sound proof! You must build your room in such a manner as to block out exterior sounds. Sound can enter either via the air or via the ground.

Air borne sound has to be dealt with by good construction, minimizing air ways, for example, ventilations ducts should include, where possible, baffles to reduce noises getting through the vents. Adjacent corridors should be carpeted and the door into the float room should be heavy, such as a fire door, and sealed where possible because sound gets through small gaps. There is advice on how best to build your float room in our technical information.

Rubber mats under the tub make very little difference. The only effective method is to suspend the whole float pool on springs and we have applied for a patent relating to this technology. We offer this spring system as an optional extra.

How often do you change the water and replace the salt?

We advise changing it every year to two years depending on its use. You do need to add fresh water daily or weekly because it evaporates, but the salt does not evaporate. You only need to add one 50lb bag of salt approximately every 300 float sessions. But thanks to the fact that you are adding water daily, you are, in fact, renewing the entire body of water every few months.

Can I use Dead Sea Salt or other salt in the float pool?

Yes, you can but we STRONGLY advise against it! In our experience, all salts other than Epsom Salts are very irritating on the skin and will cause the floater to feel very itchy.  Epsom salt softens the skin and it feels like you’re floating in something akin to silk.

Are your products insulated?

No, they are not insulated as such, but they do keep in the heat thanks to our heaters under the tubs of all our products. In addition, we heat the ceilings of our Cabins and Floatarounds with special flat heaters to prevent condensation and to keep the air above the water warm so that the floater does not get cold while floating. This temperature is thermostatically controlled. We do not add heaters to the door of the Tranquility pod, but because of its relatively small space, it stays warm inside thanks to the heat of the water.

How do you ventilate your products?

The air is ventilated by natural convection because the inside of the chamber is warmer than the outside air.

There are small gaps above and below the 2 glass doors on our Cabins and Floatarounds and all around the Tranquility pod, there is a cleverly designed gap which allows fresh air to enter the pod. The door of the pod also has the possibility of being left open to any height if the floater feels that more air is needed, and the glass doors on the Cabins and Floatarounds can be left slightly ajar for additional air, if required.

Of course, no float pool can be left totally closed for long periods because this will encourage mold growth.

Can I regulate the temperature inside the float pool?

Yes! The water temperature can be controlled to one tenth of a degree.  However, because of the large amount of the water in the tubs, it will take about an hour to change by 1,8°F.  At the Laureate Institute for Brain Research (LIBR) we installed a heated air intake system which does allow full control of the air temperature and details of this can be supplied upon request.  Research has shown that the ideal air temperature is very close to the water temperature and that the ideal humidity is 80% RH.  The humidity is more important than the temperature in providing a comfortable float experience.

How are your float pools disinfected?

Disinfection applies both to the water and all the surfaces of the float pool itself and indeed the entire float room. The surfaces should have a cleaning regime which might be daily or at least bi-weekly. They can be wiped down with the disinfectant solution such as one capful of chlorine or peroxide in a bucket of warm water.

Regulators will be particularly interested in the water disinfection. To satisfy regulators in different states we have supplied bromine, chlorine and hydrogen peroxide systems. Peroxide with UV is becoming more and more popular in many states. We have experience of all three and they all work.  We offer an automated dosing of liquid disinfectant by timers and in the case of chlorine by Redox control.  However, all the interior surfaced will need to be wiped down regularly to keep mold at bay.  Particles are removed from the water by a circulation pump and filter.   We have extensive further information on available on request.

Do your float pools have to be attached to the mains water?

No, they do not.  Our float pools are filled either from a hose going from any water source into the float pool, or directly from the shower which we recommend be located next to the float pool.  That is the easiest way to add fresh water to the float pool, but it does require having a shower head hose which is long enough to go from your shower into your float pool. If your local water is known to have a high mineral content, we recommend installing a reverse osmosis (RO) system to fill your pools.

We can provide an automated water make-up system and we always use reverse osmosis filtered water for this purpose. However, when water is automated, there must be a drain in the room and the floor must be bunded (see our technical information). We fit an overflow system to the float pool in this case.

Is it a good idea to have a drain in the float room?

It is a very good idea to have a floor drain in the room and, obviously, it is essential if there is an open shower in the room.  Open style showers save a lot of time on the cleaning task.  The floor will need to be disinfected and mopped between each float session and this is where the floor drain is very useful.

Is it a good idea to turn the whole float room into a wet room?

Yes, we believe that it is essential to regard a float room as a wet room.  The floor must be waterproof and bunded, which means raised up the walls and with a barrier across every doorway. The risk of flooding from the float pool is very remote. However, every floater will drip salty water on the floor. The fastest way to clean the floor is to spray some hot water onto the floor and spray some disinfectant into the water, then push it all down the drain with a ‘squeegee’. This takes all of one minute and is by far the quickest way remove all traces of salt from the floor. This would not be possible if the floor were not properly sealed and bunded. This is also why we advise having an open shower which is discussed in detail in our technical information.


Water vapour in the air is called humidity and we usually refer to the amount compared with saturated water vapour, called the relative humidity RH. The air above the water in which a floater is floating can be arranged so that it is imperceptible. To do that there is a relationship between temperature and RH. We call that the “comfort curve” and this is an innovation introduced by floataway following research at LIBR.

We do not want an R H lower than about 40% because that will cause salt crystals to form around a floating person. At 40% RH The temperature needs to be nearly the same, just a little lower than the water temperature. However If the RH is higher , then the temperature must be lower for comfort. We have devised a graph showing this relationship. A person can be comfortable at 100% RH at the right temperature but this extreme is not recommended because it encourages mould growth.
We can advise on the technology required to achieve the comfort zone and this in general Will be a lower cost solution than conventional air-conditioning for the special requirements of the float experience. It will use an extractor fan and silent air heating .

Can you help me with my floor plans?

Yes. We offer two sets of floor plans using SketchUp, free of charge, before you have actually made your float pool purchase. If you need more than 2 sets, we are happy to oblige for a small, payable by PayPal, but this will be reimbursed upon pool purchase.

What does it cost to run a float pool?

Please request our separate document entitle Float Pool Operating Costs – USA.

How long should a float session be?

Most float centers choose between 60 and 90 minutes but some choose to offer as little 30 minutes as a taster and as much as all night for seasoned floaters!

Our opinion is that to obtain the optimal benefits, 60 minutes is the minimum.

We hope this information is helpful, but of course, if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at this address: info@floataway.com. 

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