Open Float Pools

Open Float Pools

Our rectangular, open pools are based on a slightly modified version of our Cabin for One and Cabin for Two float rooms with open-air design. The Open Pool for Two is is designed to allow the option of individual or couple float sessions (allowing an increase in revenue and encouraging new customers), and the Open for One pool is for individual use only. The Pools can be built with removable side walls like our Cabin products or be fitted into your room design, making them a great choice for smaller spaces. It is important to note that the Open Float Pools can fit into a small room optimizing the use of space.  If access is restricted we can make the tub in two flanged parts making it possible to get into difficult spaces. Our rectangular pools come with a rectangular, technical pack next to the pool or in an adjacent room.

This product is simply the pool with the technical pack and does not include the room construction


Open Float Pool for One (approx. 4’5” x 8’) – $15,750
Open Float Pool for Two (approx. 6’ x 8’) – $18,750

Dimensions — Open Float Pool for One:

Exterior: 93.5” x 56.3” x 17.71” high
Interior: 87.79” x 54.72” x 15.71” high

Dimensions — Open Float Pool for Two:

Exterior: 93.5” x 72” x 17.71” high
Interior: 87.79” x 70.47” x 15.71” high

Volume of Solution:

Open Float Pool for One at 10” depth: 193 US Gallons (requires 825 lbs of salt)
Open Float Pool for Two at 11” depth: 271 US Gallons (requires 1,155 lbs of salt)

Weight when full:

Open Float Pool for One: 2,640 lbs
Open Float Pool for Two: 3,300 lbs

Floor loading: 0.45psi
Technical Pack: Rectangle shape to match product (can be next to pool or in an adjacent room) 50” long x 17” high x 20” deep
Remote Control Unit: We advise locating the unit in the reception area where the LAN cables terminate. Dimensions 8” x 4 ¾” x 1.5” (wall mounting bracket provided). A power outlet is required near the remote unit for the music source (not provided). A 3.5mm jack lead (39” long) is provided to connect the music source to the remote unit. A shelf next to the remote unit is useful to hold music source.
Electrical Supply: USA and Canada: 2*, single phase, 208-240V three-wire (“two hots, neutral and ground”) 60Hz AC, 20A breaker and two gang-back wired sockets. The mating plug and cable t our equipment must also be supplied by your electrician (We recommend installing the second supply cable as above for upgrade options such as silent air heating). Any other supply, including 120 volt, requires consultation at extra cost. Floataway needs to know the supply voltage in every case.
Data cable: 3 runs of Cat6 LAN cable terminated in female RJ45 sockets from the float room to your reception area.
Water Supply: This is a stand-alone product, not connected to the water supply, but we recommend installing a water faucet in the float room for cleaning and maintenance.
Shower: A shower must be installed in every float room. We recommend an open-shower (request our info for preparing an open float room).
Drain: No drain required for our Open Pools (unless required by local regulation), but a floor drain is strongly advised and necessary for an open shower.
HVAC: Minimum one air exchange per hour required. The air temperature must be very close to the water temperature, thermostatically controlled in the room. Note that separate, silent air heating will be required to achieve this. Relative humidity (RH) target 80% in the room. Ventilation to be as silent as possible with a low-speed fan and manual switching in the room.
Flooring: Must be strong enough, waterproof, non–slip, bunded to 4”, level under the product and we recommend a floor drain (we have a document on extensive technical information).
Room Lighting: The room requires an independent bright light for cleaning and maintenance. The product has dim-room lighting when in use (which switches with pool light).
Room Surfaces: Wet room code. Windows should be made dark.

Accessories received with this pool

Optional Extras

  • Disinfection by automatic-timed doser for chlorine or peroxide
  • Ground noise isolation system
  • Star effect ceiling using fiber optics
  • UV filter (recommended with Peroxide)
  • Music mute button
  • Two-way intercom system
  • Redox disinfection system for chlorine
  • Reverse osmosis (RO) water filtering
  • Automatic water-adding system (requires RO)

SketchUp version is available.

Click here for SketchUp library


  • Top quality Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) gel on vinyl ester, hand finished
  • Choice of over 80 colors for side panels, tub in white
  • Concealed controls box and filter housing all within footprint
  • Two continuous 350W heaters under pool and 2” fire resistant insulation to floor
  • Temperature control by programmable digital thermostat
  • Underwater full spectrum colored light with user control
  • Integrated room light which switches with pool light
  • End of session chimes sounder
  • Over-temperature and low water alarms
  • For installation, all parts fit easily through standard doors and staircases
  • Disinfection by chlorine or peroxide/UV to suit local requirements
  • 1 to 75 micron filtration system with unique top entry filter housing for standard 9 7/8” cartridges
  • Powerful magnetic drive pump (all plastic construction), typically 700W but depends on customer’s requirements
  • 2 sound transducers (loudspeakers), full frequency drivers bonded to pool sides suitable for any sound source (player not supplied)
  • Call attendant and light switch buttons via air coupled switches for total electrical isolation
  • Elegant remote session control which can be located up to 300’ away with many functions (Please see remote specification for details.)
  • Designed and constructed in accordance with UL requirements and EN 60335-1 and EN 60335-20-60
  • Emergency battery keeps light lit for at least 60 minutes in case of a power cut

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