Options and Accessories


Accessories supplied with & included in the price of all new Floataway® Float Pools

  1. All Epsom salts needed for the first 300 to 400 float sessions
  2. 1 extra 50lb bag of Epsom salts
  3. 1 “Spa Wand” manual vacuum cleaner to remove heavy particles which may fall to the bottom of the float pool
  4. 1 tub of pH reducer
  5. 1 tub of pH increaser
  6. 1 tub of alkalinity increaser
  7. 1 tub of calcium chloride (for water hardness)
  8. 1 bottle of test strips for either chlorine, peroxide or bromine disinfection
  9. 4 disposable filters
  10. 1 washable filter
  11. 1 carbon filter
  12. 1 box of 250 pairs of disposable ear plugs
  13. 1 inflatable head rest for a single pool, 2 for a couple pool
  14. 1 spray bottle and hook to hold fresh water which hangs inside the float pool
  15. 1 water density checker to know when to add more Epsom salts
  16. 1 tube of silicone grease

PLEASE NOTE : we are unable to ship chlorine or peroxide disinfectant, you will have to source these locally. If you choose to disinfect with chlorine, the cheapest and best way to source this is from your local supermarket in the form of household bleach.

Documents (supplied in electronic form):

Detailed Operator's Manual and Installation Manual if self-installing
Safety instructions sheet for floaters
General information sheet for first-time floaters
Daily float pool maintenance checklist
Safety compliance form to be given to all first-time floaters

Floataway’s Optional Extras


This combination is becoming more and more the disinfectant of choice in the USA. However, in many other states, chlorine is used to disinfect float pools. Hydrogen peroxide is not always regarded as a disinfectant but with added UV light, peroxide can also be used just as effectively. Recently, following scientific advice, we have increased our recommendation from 20 ppm to at least 40 ppm as a target immediately after dosing. You will find the doses required increase with bather load so monitoring is essential and should be recorded daily. Another positive feature is that occasional overdosing to 100 to 200ppm does no harm.

UV creates hydroxyl ions which are powerful oxidizing agents. We recommend that peroxide be dosed throughout the day which is why we advise the use of the auto-doser if UV is chosen. Both chlorine and peroxide systems disinfect equally well. The choice is often dictated by the local regulator. UV filtration cannot be used on its own as it is a sampling system and leaves no residual. UV is not suitable for use with chlorine because UV deactivates chlorine. It should be emphasized that the main task for the chemical used is to break down oils, so more dosing is required than might be expected just for bacteria and virus elimination.


If you choose to disinfect with chlorine, and you do not want the hassle of hand-dosing (only a 30-second job once or twice a day) you can also simply purchase the auto-dosing unit on its own which will add a small amount of chlorine into the pool every time the pump runs. You will need to fill the reservoir approximately once a week and rinse out the small auto-dosing hoses once a month. Chlorine systems require regular pH reduction. While peroxide can also be dosed this way, we recommend UV is always used.



Floataway’s REDOX system measures the oxidation potential (which is a voltage) of the salt solution. This is done via a probe which is placed in a housing inside the plumbing system which measures the oxidation voltage in the water and injects the right amount of chlorine into the pool to kill the bacteria. The potential is internationally recognized to be the accurate way to determine the killing power of the solution for all pathogens. This system only works with chlorine.

If you intend on using peroxide in your float pool, do not order our PRIDE system as the probes are unable to detect peroxide in the water.


This system enables the operator to talk to the floater during the float session, if, for example, the floater presses the call attendant button during the float session, the operator can simply pick up the handset in reception and speak to the floater without having to go into the float room to do so. This system also enables, for example, hypnotherapy sessions to be offered during the float sessions and is practical in research applications.


This system enables the floater to shut off or turn back on the music at any time during a float session. If continuous music has been programmed at the start of the float session. It auto-resets at the end of the session.



This feature is available on all our products with the exception of the Open Float Pools. It looks absolutely fabulous! When floating in total darkness, the ceiling looks just like the night sky! There are over 100 individual lights of various sizes with different brightnesses. The operator can choose the intensity of the lights and the floater has an on/off button inside the float pool.


This feature gives an option within the menu to reduce the set temperature and the pump timing for extended out of use times. We can also add an optional external heater (an additional 20A circuit is required) to accelerate the warm-up time to 7°F per hour.


Our rubber spring system reduces ground-borne noise to below human hearing to 6 Hz. It is superior to any rubber mat solution and helps produce profound silence. See our separate detailed spec sheet.


For high-quality speech, such as required in a clinical facility, we offer a separate power amplifier and equalization module, boosting high frequencies at 10dB per octave. It is not usually necessary for typical float music but a major improvement for research, training or hypnosis work.


If you decide to ask us to install the pool for you, we often (in fact usually!) find that our customers building works have taken longer than expected. Please let us know the true anticipated buildout-ready date because it is difficult or impossible to install in an unfinished space. We make no charge for delayed installation and usually we can find another slot to suit your revised plans. If we are held up by unfinished sites when we arrive, we reserve the right to charge more for installation, based on our actual extra costs.

Please note: dim room lighting and color therapy lighting are standard on all our products.

If you require any other special features, please do not hesitate to ask us and our team of engineers would be delighted to meet any new challenges.

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