Description of Floataway® Products

Floataway Tranquility 08Not all customers are the same, not all spaces are the same and not all budgets are the same, so we make a large range of products to suit everyone’s needs.

We currently make 9 different models, five ‘open’ float pools, four ‘enclosed’ pools and a technical pack on its own for people who want to design their own pool.

Tranquility Pod: Our most popular selling float system for the first 10 years we were in business was undeniably our Tranquility pod, for single floaters. This pod remains the only float pod in the world whose door opens automatically at the end of the pre-programmed float session – the perfect way to signal the end of a float session.


The Floataround, and Open Floataround, external dimension: 8’ diameter, require larger rooms but they have a luxurious effect which impress new and returning customers alike and was chosen for the research work at Laureate Institute for Brain Research (LIBR) in Tulsa, OK. The ideal minimum room size is approximately 14’ x 16’.

Our Serenity Float Pool, named by Dr. Justin Feinstein, is a full 9’ internal diameter and 10’ external diameter.

Woman in Empty Tank
Couple in Tank

And lastly, we make a technical pack on its own, with or without an interface panel, for people wishing to design and build their

own pool, such as a pool in cement with ceramic tiles, but who don’t want to worry about the disinfecting, pumping, filtration and heating of their water.

Please note that all our products come with a technical pack as standard, you do not need to order a technical pack in addition to one of our other products.

Which pool is right for you?

The biggest question our clients ask us is: “Which product or products are best for me?” There are 3 main points to take into consideration: personal taste, the space available and your budget. Our Open Pools are less expensive than our enclosed pools and our Tranquility and Cabins for One are less expensive than our Floatarounds and Serenity Pool, which are our premium, highest-priced products.

If you are only considering purchasing one float system, we strongly advise that you choose one which is large enough for couples to float together as just over half of all first time floaters like to float with their partner, a younger child, an elderly parent or a friend.

Cabin Black Background
Open Pool

If you are planning on purchasing 2 or more float systems, we advise that you purchase a variety of products as you will find that your clients will have their own preference.

Disabled access is easier in one of our open pools, but note that the dome of the Tranquility pod can easily be removed by 2 people to allow disable access.

While our open float systems are less expensive to purchase, the extra details required to prepare the room are often more expensive in the long run than one of our enclosed float systems (Link to Tech info for preparation for open float systems).

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